Game changer for Telecoms


Are you tired of the 2-3% monthly churn?

That is over a third of your customers – every year. Too many of your customers are simply not loyal. They shop around, they change their phone company for 5 euros in savings – and you’re losing revenue.

Let’s try something new, and change the game:

Why don’t you reward your customers for doing business with you? Now, before you think “we don’t have enough margins to even contemplate a rewards program”, let us give you an idea – get someone else to pay for the rewards!

Imagine – if your customers were reminded every day of your brand, when they are rewarded for shopping, dining and entertainment. Every day they earn valuable rewards – thanks to you.

Imagine – by being loyal to you, they could shop and dine their way to… maybe a free new phone.

We have the solution ready for you – which will significantly reduce your churn. We realize that you run a very complex business in a very challenging environment – so you can leave everything to us.
You can leave everything to us; from setup, to technology, to implementation, to day-to-day operations.

The solution is available now! – So! – The sooner you start the fewer months with 3% churn!