June 5th 2017 • 20.16 PointPay launched – Redeem your points anywhere on the planet

PointPay Mobile is the latest addition to the LoyalTfacts suite of market leading loyalty technology. PointPay Mobile is available globally and offers members of your program the option to redeem their reward points at any merchant, at any market, at any food stall, at any event, at any store in rural areas, at any lemonade stand – literally anywhere. 
LoyalTfacts is already directly connected to all payments terminals on the planet (that’s over 36.000.000) now we even offer redemption where no POS terminals are available.  Using only the member’s mobile phone redemption is instant, secure and global.

PointPay Mobile also offer an innovative member-t-.member function, enabling your members to pay each other on your reward currency or top up each other accounts. Imagine the engagement this will drive.

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The LS Team