Less churn & digital revenue

Media groups

You live in challenging times

  • Your churn rate on print subscribers is likely a cause for concern.
  • The lack of new revenue sources to offset this is a serious challenge in your industry.
  • A new innovative solution is needed.

What if you could offer your subscribers a reward program, strong enough to make them think twice before deciding to unsubscribe?  A program that can make the subscription free or nearly free for your subscribers – while your revenue remains the same?

Imagine – if your subscribers could be rewarded by doing their daily shopping at a wide range of restaurants, shops, outlets etc.
Because, and only because, they are subscribing to your newspaper(s).

Imagine – if in addition to increasing subscriber loyalty and reducing churn, the same program opens up new revenue sources: both in-store and digital.

You need to start monetizing your database and the unique trusted relation you have with your readers and subscribers. We can enable this for you. Included in our Media solution:

  1. 1. Revenue from reduced churn.
  2. 2. Commission on sales generated by your subscribers – in-store and online.
  3. 3. New game changing advertising model, pay per sale! – omni channel.
  4. 4. Big and relevant data on all transactions in every store or webshop.

The solution is ready, it’s already launched and in the market – And available to you! Remember: All rewards are merchant funded with no cost to you!.

So why wait – Every month you wait – Equals additional lost subscriptions – give us a call today!