What is LoyalTfacts®?

Your key to data insight and analysis!

Any Loyal Solutions program includes full access to LoyalTfacts®, our proprietary state of the art software. We offer an online data-mining system that can be fully integrated to your own E-mail- CRM system or DataMart. You are now only a click away from answering questions like:

  • How much did my customers save on average per month last year?
  • How many customers visited the stores of partner Y in May?
  • What was the average spend for all customers in region X, with partners D, F, and G?
  • How many customers responded to our SMS offer, when did they visit the partners stores, and how much did they spend?
  • How much did we contribute to community projects in the past 6 months?
  • Draw data for a new e-mail campaign with all customers who visited partner A’s 56 stores in July, and include a special time-limited offer for repeat purchase.

Real time documentation of all transactions.

You get detailed, real-time documentation of revenue generated by members in your partners’ stores, how many customers shopped in individual stores, whether your customer preferred to shop in-store or online, and much more. You can get to know your customers even better, and send direct marketing communication to them based on their actual preferences and purchasing history. Furthermore, you can document to your partners the extra revenue generated for them by being a partner with you.

We get you even closer to your customers.

Your App/Card/NFC device provides your customer with discounts, benefits and/or bonus points every time they shop with a partner. The card/App/Phone is independent of payment type, so all your members can be a part of the program. Every time a member uses his/her device, whether in-store or online, the data is routed through our secure server to LoyalTfacts®, which you can then use to identify preferences, patterns and habits to learn more about your members.

Transparent system for your customers.

At your discretion, members get online access through My Page to detailed, real-time documentation of how much they have spent and saved at your partners by being a member of your program, and their contributions to charities or another chosen cause.

Valuable database.

LoyalTfacts® captures data from customer transactions and transforms it to give you a deeper insight into customer preferences, purchasing history and behaviour. This gives you a strong platform to send relevant communication tailored to your customers.
The value of an updated customer database with transaction data built over 2 to 3 years is a minimum of 300 Euro per customer. With 250.000 members, you hold a 75 million Euro asset.