Getting started

This is all you need


Easy for your customers

All benefits, discounts and/or bonus points are available to your customers from the day they receive your new loyalty App, NFC-Device, NFC-Phone or card. Your customers just need to use your new loyalty App, NFC-Device, NFC-Phone or card at the partner's existing point-of-sale terminal, and then pay as they wish.

Easy for your partners

Your partners enjoy an easy and fuss-free implementation of the program, with absolutely no IT work or costs. LoyalTfacts is already integrated to the existing point-of-sale terminal at your partners' store - thus there is no IT involvement for your partners. Integration to any web-shop is just as easy and in no time you will have a program that works online and in-store.

Easy for you

An easy and cost efficient system that helps you benefit all your stakeholders. All Loyal Solution components are "Software as a Service" (private cloud), so you need not invest in any new hardware or software.
You will have secure access to LoyalTfacts® or FANalytics® and various other components in your program, such as "My Page" for customers, "Partner Data Access", and data transfer options to your own CRM, e-mail and ERP systems. 


In a Hurry?

Let's fast-track your program with QuickLaunch®

With QuickLaunch® you are guaranteed a state-of-the-art loyalty program in 6 weeks!

The QuickLaunch® promise: We guarantee that all components below will be implemented, tested and are 100% operational in 6 weeks.


  • Card, NFC-Phone or App in your design
  • All own and partner websites connected and tested
  • All own and partner stores connected and tested
  • Complete LoyalTfacts® platform with full datamining
  • Interface for transaction based 1-1 communication
  • "My page" for all cardholders, detailing use, benefits, discounts or points
  • App detailing all participating location, Geo-functions, account balance etc.
  • Distribution of Card, NFC devise or App

Imagine – in 6 weeks you have the first results - WHY WAIT?



Loyalty on any payment card or phone - globally

Depending on the type and scale of your program, LoyalTlink® may be just what You are looking for.

LoyalTlink® can be connected to any existing credit card or payment card program, enabling you to offer your cardholders a state of the art loyalty program. We are fully PCI compliant, and have extensive experience in the payment card industry - ensuring an innovation and secure solution.

With LoyalTlink®, we use your clients existing payment cards to create loyalty for your company. Any approved payment card may be linked to your program, via a simple online or smartphone registration, and we take care of the rest.

Book a meeting today, and find out in LoyalTlink® is right for your program.