Financial industry

Change is here – what is your game plan?

As a financial institution be it in banking, issuing or acquiring, you are experiencing the effects of “disruption” and change is the only constant now; be it regulatory, new players redefining the playing field, customers becoming more demanding and having much higher expectations.

You are likely challenged by the size and the structure of your organization and the current speed of decision processes, all set up in another era. Most financial institutions are not well adapted for rapid adoption and change – let us assist you in speeding things up!

At Loyal Solutions, we only know customer loyalty – but this we do know well.

There is little doubt, that tomorrows winners in your industry will be the companies that provide the innovative services demanded and who respect and reward their customers every day in every interaction.
We can assist you with the rewards part with the unique Loyal Solutions technology and a program tailored to you and your customers.

Our global technology platform, LoyalTfacts® provides you with a Plug & Play add on (no IT integration or projects required!) enabling you to start rewarding your customers for the interactions and behavior that is most important to them and therefore to you

Example of a reward structure based on frequency, seniority, activity, services used etc.

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