The leading associations, run some of Denmarks largest and most successful membership programs on the LoyalTfacts platform, providing a cutting edge technology to any existing program.

The challenge:

Introduce tracking, invoicing and documentation of the effects for over 1.200 partner companies and over 390.000 cardholders, who are a part of the programme.

The card, contains noumerous functionalities, from internal ID numbers, to roadside assitance subscripton etc. Loyal Solutions technology was added creating a “one card for all use” concept. All processes are fully automated, from the instant the member applies for membership until he has received a disconut at a partner location and the subsequent invoicing og the partner. All runs in one seamless flow.

The solution:

The Loyal Solutions system was integrated into the existing membership card and App. We introduced LoyalTfacts, providing our client with 24/7/365 data and analytics on over 390.000 cardholders, enabling our clients to better tailor their offers to their members. All partners in the programme will receive full documentation of the benefits of their partnership, e-invoicing, and data mining.