Loyalty and the infrequent flyer


80% of your customers are not frequent flyers!

Your primary focus is on your frequent flyers, and it should be, as they are your most important customers. However, as an airline you have a huge untapped potential in the infrequent travelers and in the potential extra revenue and data available to you – no matter if you operate as a LCC or as a Legacy Carrier.

Imagine – if the infrequent travelers were given a reason to stay loyal to your airline. Imagine for a second… if that meant that each traveler bought one or two more trips from you, every year.

Imagine – if there was a program tailored to your infrequent travelers; where they would actually feel rewarded by you every day – then you would earn their loyalty.

What if they could earn relevant and achievable rewards by just doing their everyday shopping? – being able to earn enough points for free travel in one transaction – one.

The solution is ready, and it’s already launched and in the market – And it’s available to you! All rewards are merchant funded with no cost to your airline, and the technology integrates easily with your current IT systems.

It’s time for you to realize this huge untapped potential by rewarding the 80% infrequent flyers!

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