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Increase your profits with an effective loyalty program

Here is how!

It's really not that complicated, it does however require empathy and effort on your part. A customer friendly loyalty program is a key component for any business wanting to improve customer loyalty and in turn sales and profits. Whether you want to improve the performance of your existing program, or you're starting from scratch, all you need to do is give your customer what she or he wants and expects:

1. A transparent and easy to understand program

Your customers will demand a program with relevant rewards and a transparent value proposition.
So this is what you must provide – we will help you.

2. Accrue rewards with every purchase / activity
Your customers will want to accrue rewards in all interactions and with every purchase. You must ensure that the level of rewards is attractive and targets achievable
- otherwise don't bother with a loyalty program!

3. Easy and relevant redemption options
This is where many programs fail. Redemption is "the moment of truth" for your program, and you must deliver slightly more than expected – every time. We will ensure that your program delivers on redemption.

4. Relevant one-to-one communication
Your customers expect relevant communication, and using the data available from your program and LoyalTfacts® enables you to deliver on this.

5. Your customer chooses the platform
You will be expected to provide 24/7/365 program availability on all platforms - we will help you achieve this.

At Loyal Solutions, we only know loyalty - and we walk the talk!